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TRAIN-ASAP relevant conferences and events with the participation of partners/ESRs:

Event name Location Date from Date to Participating partners Type of participation
ICOHAR - International Conference on One Health Antimicrobial Resistance Copenhagen, DK 30/09/15 02/10/15    
23rd ECCMID Berlin, DE 27/04/13 30/04/13 Andreas Hoefer (UCM) Poster
MVNA Conference Copenhagen, DK July 2013   Andreas Hoefer (UCM) Poster
IVP Annual meeting (2013) Copenhagen, DK March 2013   Astrid K Larberg (UCPH) Poster
2nd Thünen Symposium on Soil Metagenomics Braunschweig, DE 11/12/13 13/12/13 Gregory Amos and Chiara
Borsetto (Warwick)
STARS Antimicrobial Drug discovery Conference Madrid, ES 10/06/13 12/06/13 Rogier Gaiser (WU)
Astrid K Larberg (UCPH)
Muriel Breteau (Warwick)
TRAIN-ASAP 2nd Annual Meeting Olot, ES 13/06/13 14/06/13 Rogier Gaiser (WU) Oral presentation
3rd ASM-ESCMID Conference MRSA in animals Copenhagen, DK Nov 2013   Ines Greco (UCPH) Poster
ULLA Summer School London, UK 07/07/13 07/07/13 Alberto Oddo (UCPH)
Ines Greco (UCPH)
Workshop Exploiting microbial genomics and synthetic biology for discovery of novel antibiotics, Institute of Microbiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) Beijing, CN 15/12/13 18/12/13 E M Wellington (Warwick) Oral presentation
ICAR2012 — II International Conference on Antimicrobial Research Lisbon, PT 21/11/12 23/10/12   Poster
Functional metagenomics South Africa South Africa 04/06/12 07/06/12 E M Wellington (Warwick) Oral presentation
International Functional Metagenomics Workshop, University of Waterloo Canada 05/05/12 07/05/12 E M Wellington (Warwick) Oral presentation
Conference Society of Chemical Industry HQ London, UK 03/05/12 03/05/12 E M Wellington (Warwick) Oral presentation