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Training for a new generation of antibacterial drug discovery scientists

TRAIN-ASAP addresses a very urgent public health issue. The lack of effective antibacterial drugs against resistant bacteria poses a serious threat to human health and has huge economical consequences to the health-care system.

Objectives: The goal of TRAIN-ASAP is to meet the demand for a new generation of antibacterial drug discovery scientists through a unique training experience combining both academic and industrial work experience. The focus of the training programme is not limited to the discovery of new antibacterial drugs but is extended to the:

  • Discovery of “non-antibiotic helper drugs” able to enhance the antimicrobial activity of existing drugs or to reduce their negative effects on the commensal flora.
  • Definition of “rational treatment regimens” aimed to improve the pharmacological performance and the clinical efficacy of existing drugs while minimizing the development of resistance in the gut microflora.
  • Development of “veterinary antibacterial solutions” characterized by targeted spectrum and minimal cross-resistance to important human antibacterial drugs.

The training programme is characterized by a unique innovative and multidisciplinary approach based on the use of front line research tools in molecular biology, combinatorial chemistry and in vivo pharmacology, an appropriate balance between scientific and generic skills training, and a strong contribution by the private partners in the form of mentoring, courses and secondments.