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Network-wide training activities providing a wide range of skills

Scientific and non-scientific training activities have been designed to introduce the early-stage researchers (ESRs) to the multidisciplinary nature of TRAIN-ASAP, to give them access to the conceptual and technical knowledge needed for their research projects, to develop their professional skills and to improve transectorial career perspectives by promoting frequent contacts with the pharmaceutical industry and other relevant stakeholders. Different types of local and network-wide training activities have been developed to provide open-access training and the development of transferable skills:

In addition to personalized individual training programmes, the ESRs participate in various types of network-wide trainings. A schedule has been defined for planning the next training and dissemination events, including ICOHAR 2015 - a final EU conference on One-Health Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance - to be held in Copenhagen in September/October 2015, where the ESRs will present the final results of their research projects in front of a qualified audience composed by scientists and stakeholders.


Training activities Location Date Participants
ICOHAR - One-Health-Solutions to Antimicrobial Resistance Copenhagen, DK 30/09-02/10/15 All ESRs
ESR Training Event Arona, IT 20-22/05/15 All ESRs
STARS Antimicrobial Drug Discovery Conference Madrid, ES 10-12/06/13 All ESRs
Zoetis and DaVolterra Training Day on "Industrial Challenges to Antibiotic Development in Human Health" and "Clinical Development of Anti-Infectious Drugs in Human Health" Paris, FR 12/12/13 All ESRs
TRAIN-ASAP Scientific Meeting Montenegro,ME 19-21/05/14 All ESRs
Warwick Workshop on "Bioinformatics and Biological Forensics and Successful Career Development" Warwick, UK 22-26/09/14 All ESRs


For more information on past TRAIN-ASAP meetings and events, please see the News section.