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Workshop at Warwick University - Feedback from ESR

The personal skills workshop at Warwick University is the 5th time the ESRs have united to discuss their research projects and develop their personal skills. The workshop covered a range of applicable scientific skills such as biostatistics as well as personal competences such as public speaking and interview skills. This workshop was aimed towards complementing our laboratory experience with invaluable skills for our future careers.

In addition to the training event, the ESRs had a unique opportunity to visit the European Medicines Agency in London and meet some of the experts in the scientific evaluation of novel medicines to be licensed in the European Union. The Q&A session with EMA members was eye opening and crucial for our careers in antimicrobial drug discovery.

Lastly, as all the ESRs have a bit more history with each other now, the scientific discussions are increasingly engaging and the social events feel like time spent with good friends.

Andreas Hoefer (TRAIN-ASAP ESR), November 2014